Man finds catacombs with human remains in his garden

Man finds catacombs with human remains in his garden

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A team of archaeologists traveled to the site, a village in the Russian republic of Dagestan, to study the findings.

A resident of the village of Urkaraj, in the Russian republic of Dagestan, in the north of the Caucasus, found during renovation work on his house two ancient catacombs with human remains in his garden,reported by local authorities last week.

The underground chambers, located at a depth of 5-6 meters, have shelves with vessels on the walls and human skeletons in the center of the room. A team of archaeologists traveled to the site to study the findings.

The historian Leoníd Iliukov commented to the Rossíyskaia Gazeta newspaper that the catacombs could date from the 5th century after Christ. «The ritual jugs were perfectly preserved. The chamber containing the skeletons will undoubtedly be of interest to archaeologists, ”said the specialist.

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