Internet and the fourth industrial revolution

Internet and the fourth industrial revolution

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The arrival of the Internet has meant a total transformation of our lives, economically, politically and socially. However, the rapid development of new technologies and mobile devices means that we have not yet been able to get used to these changes, which are taking place more and more rapidly and imply an evolution unprecedented in human history.

In fact, if a early 21st century We were talking about the arrival of the third industrial revolution, just two decades later the idea of ​​a fourth began to be postulated where robotics and Artificial Intelligence emerged as the main protagonists.

Of course, in this case the changes are much more focused on the economic sphere, due to the emergence of new business models that are displacing other traditional sectors that have been unable to adapt to new technologies. One of the most notable examples has to do with the trading, which increasingly have simpler and more intuitive applications, allowing digital investment to be increasingly common in our societies.

In this way, the Internet has become the new printing press, positioning itself as one of the most important inventions of humanity due to the growth possibilities it has in the medium term.

In addition, the application of this resource to different objects is generating transformations unimaginable a decade ago, where robotics plays a fundamental role and Artificial Intelligence begins to overwhelm the schemes of the human mind.

The digital field allows you to invest from anywhere on the planet, with the comfort that our mobile phone offers us

If we go back to the example we have set before, we can currently invest from anywhere on the planet, with the convenience of our own mobile phone and through free programs.

Likewise, thanks to the democratization of access to the Internet and the reduction of the digital divide on a global scale, we can access a huge amount of information on any subject, which represents a fundamental competitive advantage compared to other industrial revolutions of the past.

Of course, this supposes a true revolution in all areas of our environment, promoting the interconnection of countries and a globalization that seems to have no reverse gear. Even so, the power of this type of change has been of such magnitude that it has even influenced the construction of this term, that it is no longer limited to a single plot to become a totally transversal phenomenon.

5G, a new telecommunications revolution that has generated great expectations among technology lovers

Finally, it is worth noting that in the short term all eyes are on 5G, the implementation of which is making its way across the entire planet at breakneck speed. Thanks to this, there is a drop in prices for mobile devices that allows the constant entry of new users to the network, with the aim of making Internet access possible worldwide.

So it is only a matter of time before we continue to see different innovations and their political, social and economic repercussions. Even so, what does seem to be clear is that these transformations are here to stay, although others will take place more quickly.

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