Who was Hades (Pluto)? Biography of the god of the underworld

Who was Hades (Pluto)? Biography of the god of the underworld

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Hades, for the Romans Pluto, was the son of Rea Y Chronos, and was the God of Darkness, of the Underground Regions, of the Unconscious, who dwelt in hades, the greek underworld.

Participated in the fight the titans, armed with a helmet that made him invisible that the Cyclopes gave him.

Was a Olympic god, brother of Zeus and of Poseidon, that by dividing the empire of the universe, Zeus was left with the air and land surface, Poseidon the seas and Hades the underworld.

His kingdom is a desolate and sad region where the dead moved and very far from the kingdom of the living, which receives the Hades name (same as that of God) or also that of Erebus (or generically "Hells”), Sometimes being confused with that of Tartarus where the defeated Titans were prisoners.

They accompanied Hades in his kingdom, his wife Persephone (Proserpine for the Romans), daughter of Demeter that she had been kidnapped by the god when she collected flowers on the surface, unleashing a number of evils on the surface caused by her mother's despair at not being able to find her.

Some of the residents in the underworld or nearby were:

  • Hecate (Lunar Goddess who presided over sorcery)
  • The Gorgonas
  • Las Greas
  • The Can Cerbero, which allowed only the dead to enter hell but not leave
  • Charon, the infernal ferryman who carried souls across the river Acheron
  • The Erinyes
  • The Harpies
  • Thanatos
  • Hypnos

Besides being the God of the deadHe was also the God who favored the underground growth of plants, fertility, and vegetation associated with the Goddess Demeter.

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