Segovia: a new way of doing tourism with 5G and augmented reality

Segovia: a new way of doing tourism with 5G and augmented reality

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Telephone has presented today in Segovia a new use case within the 5G Technological Cities project, based on augmented reality and immersive mixed reality technologies, to offer a new way of doing tourism that envelops the visitor in scenes from centuries past in real settings of the present.

As Mercedes Fernández, Manager of Innovation at Telefónica, has indicated, “Telefónica, together with the Segovia City Council, takes another step in creating new use cases on the functionalities offered by the deployment of the high-performance network carried out in the city. This time we focus on tourism, a sector with great potential to provide users with new ways to visit their destinations with more real and immersive experiences”.

The visit consists of an enriched tour of the city that transports the visitor to the time of the Catholic Monarchs thanks to an application developed by Natoural Digital Solutions, accessible through smartphones or tablets, and also some mixed reality glasses Microsoft HoloLens.

So, a virtual minstrel accompanies and guides the visitor throughout the tour You can stop at various representative places of the city such as the Alcázar, the Plaza Mayor or the Puerta de San Martín.

At every stop enjoy animated content with advanced 3D modeling techniques with characters that imitate puppets as a tribute to the tradition that links Segovia with this art.

In the development of the contents, the Unity game engine and the Vuforia and ARCore libraries have been used, which incorporate artificial vision, movement tracking and understanding of the environment.

These functionalities improve the user experience, since they integrate the 3D elements in the real environment, maintaining their position, and also allow the user to move around the scene in an immersive way.

In the very near future, This type of experience can be enjoyed in busy tourist places such as Segovia thanks to the new capabilities of the 4.9G and 5G networks.

3D content can be offered thanks to the high speeds of the network and improvements in the visualization of the new terminals and glasses that will be available to users.

Via NdP Telefónica

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