Biography of William Gibson, the creator of the term 'cyberspace'

Biography of William Gibson, the creator of the term 'cyberspace'

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The March 17, 1948, was born one of the most prominent science fiction authors of recent decades, the American William gibson.

Born in Conway, South Carolina (USA), Gibson immigrated to Canada in 1968 to avoid enlistment during the Vietnam War. There came into contact with the counterculture And started to write your first science fiction stories.

In 1984 he published his first novel, ‘Neuromancer', Which was enthusiastically received by critics and the public and popularized the term "cyberspace", creating an iconography of the information age before the appearance of the Internet.

NeuromancerIs, in turn, the forerunner of the cyberpunk genre, and winner of the Hugo and Nebula awards.

Although Neuromancer is his best known work, Gibson has continued to write novels that narrate the effects of computing and cybernetics on humans.

Among them, the trilogies ‘Sprawl Trilogy’(Composed of‘Neuromancer’, ‘Count Zero' Y 'Accelerated Mona Lisa') and the 'Bridge Trilogy’(Composed of‘Virtual Light’, ‘Idoru' Y 'All the parties of tomorrow’).

Other works are 'The differential machine', Written together with the also writer Bruce sterling, or 'Spook country', His latest novel, as well as stories like'Johnny mnemonic'(1981), which was adapted and taken to the cinema as its protagonist Keanu reeves.

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