AMC premieres the miniseries ‘Das Boot: (The submarine)’

AMC premieres the miniseries ‘Das Boot: (The submarine)’

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The next February 21st (2019) AMC will premiere the miniseries ‘Das Boot (The Submarine)', The sequel to the mythical Wolfgang Petersen film which in 1981 adapted the Lothar-Günther Buchheim bestseller and was nominated for six Oscars.

The series, which has been a success in audiences in Germany (the country that produced it), will have a second season, whose filming will begin in 2019. 'Das Boot (The submarine') is produced by Sky Germany, Bavaria Fiction, and Sonar Entertainment.

Synopsis of Das Boot (The Submarine).

The series sets the action in the fall of 1942, months after what we saw in the film, in occupied France.

Ship U-612 prepares for her maiden voyage in an increasingly bloody war. The young crew led by fledgling Captain Klaus Hoffman (Rick Okon) faces their first mission in claustrophobic conditions. As tensions rise and loyalty breaks, their personalities are pushed to the limit.

Meanwhile, in the port of La Rochelle, the life of Simone Strasser (Vicky Krieps) is turned upside down as she plunges fully into a dangerous operation and a forbidden love affair, torn between her commitment to Germany and the Resistance. During the process, your values ​​will be completely questioned. Could it be that everything he believed in was a lie?

Das Boot (The Submarine)’Explores the emotional chaos of life on land and sea during the World War II and the reality of a brutal war.


At distribution we found Thomas Wlaschiha, Lizzy Caplan, Vincent Kartheiser, Vicky Krieps, Rick Okon, Rainer Bock and August Wittgenstein, among others.

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