A document signed by San Martín from the Archive of the Nation of Peru disappears

A document signed by San Martín from the Archive of the Nation of Peru disappears

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The disappearance of a historical document signed by San Martín of the General Archive of the Nation of Peru, one of the two main historical archives of that country.

The document was a letter of liberation from a slave who helped the Liberation Army, awarded for the merit of his services in hospitals. This letter bore an official shield and the signature of the "Protector of Freedom of Peru", a prominent piece that would be exhibited in 2021, on the occasion of the Bicentennial of Independence.

The disappearance was detected on November 14, when a team from “Sucedió en el Perú” visited the Archive, although its loss was not reported until much later.

The middle Eye-Public.com He reviewed the report of the visit, which included a review of various historical documents, which were explained by the Archives experts to the television team.

The document, saved with the number 556, was going to be shown to the program, but at the time of showing it they detected that the letter was missing and according to the report made by Cecilia Miriam Soto Molina, head of the "Guillermo Lohmann Villena" Investigation Room, "there is signs that it was ripped away ”.

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